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January 23, 2013
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Nevara by TigerBites Nevara by TigerBites
Started a sketch to try and get rid of my art block, and it turned into this. I'll start working on the commissions and gifts for people who helped me during the storm right away now!

EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee look at this!

:bulletred:General Info:bulletred:

Name: Nevara Lumisade
Nickname: Nevi
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 19
Birthday: December 23rd
Medical Condition: Oculocutaneous Albinism - affects her eyes, hair, and skin. Her eyes are sensitive to bright light (photophobia).

:bulletred:Physical/Material Facts:bulletred:

Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Pale lavender
Clothes: Keeps most of her skin covered, even when inside. She has a hooded scarf to shade her head and face when going outside.
Notable Features: None.
Tattoos: Has her Fairy Tail guild tattoo on the back of her neck. (Aubergine color)
Accessories: A gold amethyst necklace and purple-lens sunglasses for when she goes outside.


Weapon: None

Magic: Caster Type Magic
Illusion Magic - A form of Magic that revolves around the use of illusions, allowing the caster to create illusions in order to deceive foes. The user can also determine who sees and hears the illusions and who doesn't.
- Maintaining an illusion takes a great deal of concentration.
- Maintaining an illusion for a long period of time uses up a lot of magic.
- The more targets there are, the harder the illusion is to maintain.
- Carelessness or fatigue can cause the illusion to flicker or fade, which may alert the foe that something is amiss.
- The illusions have no physical presence and cannot directly cause physical harm.
- Illusions cannot give off heat. For example, the illusion of a flame gives off no heat and will not burn.
- Illusions cannot give off light (in a way). In a well-lit room an illusionist can create a second light source, as seen above. However, in a dark place where the illusionist cannot see their surroundings, the illusion of light will not work.
- To create a visual illusion, the caster must be able to see their surroundings. To create an audio illusion, the caster must be able to hear.


Offense: 1/5
Defense: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Intelligence: 5/5
Sunburns: 6/5


Color Scheme: Wine reds and plum purples with small gold accents
Likes: Cloudy days, rain, snow, fireplaces, romance novels, sleeping late
Dislikes: Sunny days, summer, ghost stories, beaches
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Stargazing, Conning people into giving her money by selling jewelry that isn't real, Night time walks
Independent: Nevara has always been independent. Even as a little kid she would insist on picking out her own clothes and such. She hates being fussed over. That being said, she likes being depended on and has a nurturing side. She loves to help people in any way she can, but often refuses help from others. She'll only accept help from a partner on a mission or someone she's known for a while.
Discerning: This is a trait she actively works on. She tries her best to balance cynicism and optimism. Her mother raised her to see the good and bad in people. She isn't easy to fool and doesn't often give the benefit of the doubt without reason.
Defensive: She defends her likes and opinions a bit too vehemently. Because of this, she comes off as obnoxious and intolerant. She also can't take any critique to save her life. When criticized, she focuses more on justifying her flaws than planning to improve herself. That being said, defending her beliefs and what she cares about is not always a bad thing.
Lacks Commitment: She often starts little projects, like writing short stories or something, but rarely finishes them. She doesn't see things through unless the rewards are substantial, or if someone else is relying on her. This is partly why she needs a partner on her missions.
Slightly Arrogant: She doesn't express it, but she does feel it from time to time. It comes out in her snarky little comments and blunt way of voicing her opinion, but it never really escalates to a feeling of total superiority. This nature can sometimes lead her to underestimate people.
Perfectionist: She hates feeling inadequate, and does what she can to live up to her standards. She often falls short though, and ends up feeling disappointed in herself. She is her own worst critic and really beats herself up over small mistakes, which is why she's so defensive. Her desire to improve herself is what drives her to try hard when it comes to learning magic and perfecting her craft.
Deceptive: Growing up trying to perfect such a deceiving magic skewed her morals a bit. She considers life to be a battle of wits at its core, and she considers tricking people to be a form of survival of the fittest. She doesn't take any pleasure in tricking people, it's simply a means to an end. Her goal is usually to get something such as money or information.
Stubborn: Once she gets something set in her mind, it's very hard to change her opinion. She holds grudges and rarely gives second chances, to the point where it can be a bit childish of her. Also, if you promise her something, she'll expect you to follow through and will do whatever it takes to make you hold to that promise.


Friends: TBA
Family: Mother (Still alive, healer), Father (Still alive, carpenter)
History: Nevara grew up in a small, superstitious, tight-knit village. The villagers were a bit isolated, and most didn't or couldn't use magic. While they weren't exactly attacking mages, they still frowned on the use of magic.

Nevara was extremely close to her mother and they talked all the time. Her mother was very supportive and encouraging. She used to read Nevara's silly little short stories and think they were amazing, even though they were just the silly ramblings of a child. Nevara would often spend time with her mother as she grew up, learning non-magical healing techniques, and her parents fully expected her to become a healer one day. She loved her dad, and her dad loved her, but she wasn't nearly as close to him as she was to her mother. Her dad was a bit socially awkward, so their conversations felt a bit like small talk.

At around age 8, her magic started to appear in small ways. Shadows would flicker, colors would shift, and other small illusions would momentarily appear before flickering out. Nobody really noticed for a long time. Then at around age 10, Nevara noticed the illusions and started working on them. They were pitiful of course. She could barely make a cube with proper lighting and shadows. She kept trying though, and her mother encouraged her to keep improving. Her father was a bit more reluctant to accept the magic, and thought it was a waste of time, but he didn't really protest much. So long as Nevara studied and completed her chores, it didn't really matter much to him.

At age 17, she decided she wanted to pursue learning more and improving her illusions. They had improved greatly, but learning through trial and error still wasn't doing much for her. She often expressed her frustration, and one day her mother reluctantly suggested joining a guild. Her mother wasn't thrilled with the idea of her daughter leaving home to join a guild, but was willing to support Nevara if it was what she wanted to do. Nevara took her time to think about it, but eventually decided it was worth the risk. If it didn't work out, she could always just come back home.

She went around to different guilds, scoping them out. Then she heard a rumor that there was an illusion mage in Fairy Tail and immediately went to check out Fairy Tail. This rumor was referring to Laxus's father, who had been kicked out a long time ago. When she got there, she spoke to Mirajane and asked if there was an illusion mage in Fairy Tail. Mira, misunderstanding the question, said yes, and so Nevara immediately asked to join. Then after joining, Nevara asked if she could speak to the illusion mage, and Mira responded by saying "No, he was in Fairy Tail, but he left a long time ago." Nevara was disappointed, but decided to just make the best of it.

Over time, she befriended Mirajane and often spent time with Mira in the guild's library. After a while she asked Mira if she could borrow some books on illusion magic. She learned new techniques such as illusions emitting light and complex movement.

- She's grown so used to covering up that she gets cold rather easily without all her layers of clothing.
- Due to her albinism, her sight is very poor and her skin is extremely sensitive to the sun.
- She joins Fairy Tail about 6 months before Lucy.
- She excels in the complexity of her illusions, but cannot maintain them for very long at all, though she quickly improves over the course of the series. For example, in the beginning of the series, she would only be able to maintain the illusion above for about 2-5 min, but by the time of the Grand Magic Games, maintaining that illusion for hours would be easy.
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Enjoumou Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww she's pretty, and well-balanced! Whitey McWhiterson! It's great to see a character with albinism who is actually AFFECTED by the condition >___> LOL~ Love how she sells fake jewelry! Haha :XD:
TigerBites Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Thanks so much! Ikr? You could lose her in a snowstorm XD Yea, real albinism isn't glamorous at all :XD: Most OCs are just like walking around in the sunshine np with their red eyes and perfect vision.
Pft, gotta make money somehow~ :lmao:
Shenira Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The coloring is amazing :omfg: The magic effect looks so cool too :D It's really impressing work.
TigerBites Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Thanks so much~! I had a lot of fun coloring her :D
Shenira Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's good :D
Welcome ^_^
VitriolicIntimacy Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

OOH I APPROVEEEEE:iconsparkleeyeyuiplz::iconsparkleeyeyuiplz::iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:
As always, your OCs are so full of originality and well-developed!!:heart::heart:

TigerBites Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Thanks so much! You're one of the artists who keep inspiring me to improve and try new things :iconbrohugplz:
Thanks <3 I try~

Haha! I know right? I love albino OCs~
VitriolicIntimacy Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

:iconcatreactionplz: I FEEL SO ADSL;KFJA;LK HONORED ;A;:heart::heart:
Ayanica Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Look at that hair, such a gorgeous sight!
Her eyes which shine with such a light.

Oh, how I would love to accomplish something like that!
The shadowing and texture makes everything I draw look flat...

But this is no time to feel discouraged of any sort!
Instead, this is for me like an drawing escort.

So keep on improving, I love to see you grow!
And so I will try too, But rather pretty slow.
TigerBites Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
No hablo ingles.
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