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January 15, 2012
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Lyn Profile .:Out-dated:. by TigerBites Lyn Profile .:Out-dated:. by TigerBites

:new: Well I figured I should take another look at this and polish it up a bit since I asked for reviews of her. Also I realized the formatting was dreadful.

Art by :iconheleninuzuka:

This information will probably change and evolve over time :)

:bulletgreen:General Info:bulletgreen:

Name: Reade, Lyn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Age: 25 (27 post-timeskip)
Birthday: September 14th

:bulletgreen:Physical/Material Facts:bulletgreen:

Hair: Black
Pre-Timeskip: Short, just barely touching her shoulders, choppy
Post-Timeskip: Long, waist-length, usually tied in a messy braid
Eyes: Green (Specifically: [link])
Time as a Marine Captain: Marine coat, Black Slacks, Charcoal Grey Vest, Emerald Green Button-Down, Black Tie, Brown Boots with a Low Heel
Before Getting Her Boiler Suit: White Tank-Top, Black Slacks, Brown Boots with a Low Heel
Heart Pirates Uniform: Boiler Suit rolled down to her hips and tied, Orange Heart Pirate Tank Top, Scuffed Brown Boots with a Low Heel
Post Timeskip: Waiting

Notable Features: Her nose is a bit large
Tattoos: None
Accessories: Pocket Watch, Brown Gloves


Favorite Food: Sweets, Fruits, and Vegetables
Favorite Possession: Her grandfather's pocket watch
Hobbies: Reading, Tinkering, Daydreaming, Going for Walks, Morning Yoga
Open-Minded: She is very accepting of other people's opinions and doesn't mind if you disagree with her. She won't necessarily try to change your opinion, but she enjoys debating.
Loyal: She’s a hard worker when others are depending on her and very loyal to Law and her crew. She would never betray anyone she trusts, whether or not they trust her is irrelevant. She will also not hesitate to do whatever it takes to keep her crew and loved ones safe. She would willingly take a hit or hurt herself for her crew.
Level-headed: She lacks her grandfather's temper and tries very hard to be level headed and mature. It's difficult to get her riled up, and she ignores people who try to make her angry. Even though she tries to stay level headed, she tends to get really rude and nasty when mad (Not in that cliché sort of way where it’s like “oooh don’t mess with her or she’ll kick your ass” her anger makes people think “…what an annoying b*tch.”) Also, the closer you are to her, the more emotional and open she will be around you.
Lacks Honor: She’s rather manipulative towards people she isn’t loyal to and she isn’t above cowardly methods of winning. She will use poison if she must, and has no qualms about attacking an unarmed foe. She does what benefits herself and the crew without much thought towards others. She also has no qualms about human experiments or other inhumane acts if it has some ultimate goal or reward. She wasn't always like this.
Lazy: Usually she's very lazy and laid back. She'll procrastinate until the last minute and take lots of breaks. She also lacks self-motivation and is often times only productive when she is being supervised and directly ordered. This makes her very hard to work with, and her crew is often frustrated by this. In times of urgency, when she knows others are depending on her, she buckles down and becomes a no-nonsense sort of person.
Gullible: If she trusts you, you can pretty much convince her anything, even if it doesn’t make sense.
Holds Grudges: Lyn never forgets malicious acts against her, and while she may say she forgives you, she will still bring it up from time to time in a very passive-aggressive way. She's petty like that.

Alignment: Formerly Neutral-Good, Currently Neutral-Evil
Read More on Her Alignment Here:


Crew: Former Marine, Currently a Heart Pirate
Epithet: Formerly Dodger, currently Turncoat
Dodger mainly comes from her Haki, which allows her to dodge most if not all attacks. What she lacked in strength, she made up for in skill, evasion and speed. It also became a bit of a joke among other marines because Lyn was notorious for her laziness, so she would often avoid or “dodge” trouble and duties. After she went rogue her epithet changed to Turncoat because of her status as a traitor. (Her old epithet is also a reference to the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist.)
Bounty: 50,000,000 (Her bounty is a bit higher than normal due to her being a former marine.)
Role: Biomedical Engineer
It makes sense to me that the Heart Pirates would need a biomedical engineer. Their ship contains a complete operating theatre with medical machinery. I suppose it would be possible to get the machines repaired or tuned up when they reach port, but it seems that it would be more convenient having a specialist onboard.

:bulletgreen:Relationship with Crew::bulletgreen:
When she first joined the heart pirates she didn't really feel like she belonged. She was not all that open, so she kind of stayed reserved and relatively quiet. Over time she got used to the Heart Pirates, so she started talking more and made more sarcastic jokes. That surprised the others at first, since they thought she was rather boring.
For a long time she felt like she was expendable. During the timeskip she gained a lot of self confidence, and she realized that she is valuable. She was always extremely loyal though. In the begining it was a sense of duty that made her loyal, but after a while her loyalty was because she loved her crew. So I guess you could say she became more loyal and gained "nakama" sense then.

- Shachi and Penguin: She's bros with these two. They often joke around together and can have a good time. However since Shachi and Penguin have known each other longer, she ends up feeling like a third wheel at times.
- Jean Bart: She holds him in high respect because of his demeanor and honorable nature, but otherwise they aren't too close.
- Bepo: Originally she was protective over him since he is cute, but after a short period of time it became obvious that Bepo didn't need any protecting, and she felt bad about how demeaning her view was. Now they are fairly close and comfortable talking to each other. However since Bepo doesn't really like her sarcastic teasing and dark sense of humor, she finds it hard to talk to him at times.
- Law: (In-Progress)
Short summary: Lyn admires and respects Law highly. They have a mutual love of medicine and hearts that allows them to work together quite nicely. His intelligence and ambition really appeal to her, and his acceptance of her into his crew really warmed her up to him quickly. These feelings eventually grew into a sort of infatuation, though she doesn't expect the feelings to ever be fully returned. Regardless, she has hope and wants to get close to him.

On Law's side, he treats her like any other crew member, but over the timeskip he did start warming up to her and liking her as a person. However, being who he is, his respect for her leaves a lot to be desired. He will use her for sex, he won't be romantic with her, and he tends to keep whatever affection he may give her very private.
He can be very possessive over her, to the point where she's like an object in a sense. He expects her not to show any romantic interest in other men, partly because of him not liking others touching his things, and partly because he does not want it to interfere with her work.
He would throw her away instantly if her feelings ever got in the way of his work or ambition. God help her if she ever ended up knocked-up.


Devil Fruit: None

Haki: Observation Haki
Her Haki awakened after some time spent training with the Marines. (More information and elaboration will be added later)

Weapons: The Seastone tonfa were provided by the marines in order to efficiently bring down devil fruit users. She kept them after defecting because they’re very useful. Before receiving Seastone tonfa she had been using wooden tonfa. Sometime after joining the Heart Pirates she sought out retractable steel tonfa. She wanted something less heavy and cumbersome to carry around during average days. She tends to carry her Seastone tonfa when the Heart Pirates make port.


Condition: After joining the Marines Lyn noticed that her hands were constantly trembling. She attributed it to the intense training and didn’t mention it to anyone. After about a year she finally mentioned it to her ship’s doctor, who diagnosed it as benign tremors and told Lyn to ignore it. After joining the Heart Pirates Law noticed the shaking. One simple blood test later, and it turns out she has an overactive thyroid caused by Graves’ Disease. She’s still kinda pissed off at that marine doctor for dismissing her symptom.

- Before joining the Marines she was an idealist who believed in standing up for those who could not defend themselves. Ironically, the Marines made her more cynical and jaded. She thought they stood for justice, but now she believes they're just government dogs.
- Lyn tends to be on the quiet side and she is very responsible with money.
- Her love of reading sometimes causes her to act like life is a novel, so she’ll say silly things that are based off of clichés. For example, she’d say something like “We should definitely NOT go onto an abandoned ship! In horror novels abandoned ships are always bad news!”
- She really does look for easy ways to do things. For example, she needed to get off of Sabaody Archipelago before the marines found her, so she agreed to join a pirate crew simply because it was the easiest way.
- Lyn says she doesn’t drink because she wants to keep her wits about her, but it’s actually due to her father being an alcoholic.
- She's a horrible judge of character. Her best friend from her home island is a serial killer. Her poor judgement will be the death of her one day. In addition to her serial killer friend, she also put a lot of trust into the “Surgeon of Death” before she really knew him.
- She has a very poor relationship with her sister, but still loves her.
- The Marines expected her to go through rigorous training every day, so when she first joined the Heart Pirates she slacked off a bit. She soon realized that she needed to motivate herself now that nobody was breathing down her neck demanding that she train.
- Sometimes she says things without even thinking first, which can be very embarrassing.

:bulletgreen: History and Family Relationships: :bulletgreen:

Early Life:
Eva and Lyn were born to a relatively happy family. Lyn is the older and more responsible of the sisters. Eva was always loud and outgoing, while Lyn was more quiet and shy. They grew up very close, like best friends rather than sisters. That being said, they had their tough moments as well. Lyn tended to be overprotective of her sister, much to Eva’s chagrin. Eva loved going out drinking and partying with friends, which worried Lyn. By the time they were 17 they had drifted apart because they couldn’t see eye to eye. Lyn was always trying to scold Eva over her irresponsibility with money and poor judge of character (which was rather hypocritical). Lyn’s expectations of her sister only ended up exacerbating Eva’s behavior. When Lyn was looking into joining the Marines, Eva revealed that she wanted to become a pirate and find One Piece. Lyn was furious over this, which caused them to have a huge fight. Before Eva set out the sisters were able to make amends; so at the very least Lyn is happy that the last memory of her sister was not of a fight.

Her father, Drew, was a good man. He was a hard worker and a strict, no-nonsense sort of guy. He drank too much, but Lyn learned to deal with that. He never really helped raise Eva and Lyn. He worked hard so that the family would live comfortably, but as soon as he got home from work he would start drinking until he passed out. Eva resents him for that, but Lyn pitied him more than anything. Drew had a hard life, but Eva doesn’t consider that to be a good enough excuse.

Lyn was much closer to her mom, Sage, than Eva was. Lyn really admired her mom, and they developed a tight bond. Since Sage was a nurse, Lyn really wanted to go into the medical field. For a long time she wanted to become a doctor, but later on she noticed she really had a love of engineering.

Lyn’s grandfather, Hector, was an honorable man and a skilled Marine. He had a huge impact on Lyn’s views and ultimately Lyn joined the Marines due to her admiration for him. He was very old fashioned. He believed in a more traditional view of justice and didn’t really care for serving the World Government. He strongly believed that his purpose was to defend the weak and innocent. He was a courageous man who felt that he was guided by truth and honor. He would gladly lay down his life if it meant saving an innocent. That being said, he was also an aggressive man who had anger issues and a hair trigger temper. So while his heart was in the right place, he would often do a lot of harm.

Marine History:
She wanted to study Medical Engineering, but on her small island that was pretty much impossible, so she joined the Marines hoping she could study and get experience through them. She also felt that this would be a great thing for her to do since her grandfather really inspired her. However, she didn't actually want to become a marine since it didn't sit well with her laziness. Lyn just wanted to leave the Marines after getting her education. Everyone in her family and friends advised her not to do it. They figured the Marines didn't get volunteers that easily, so they wouldn’t just let her go so easily. But Lyn was naive and stubborn since she was 17 at the time, so she ignored them and thought she knew best.

So for a while she was getting her engineering training and combat training done and everything was going ok, but then her Haki awakened (elaboration below) so the Marines started to assign her more combat training than engineering training. Over time there was almost no engineering training at all. Lyn was furious and kept complaining to her superiors, but it never got her anywhere. So she eventually gave up and just accepted that her engineering training had ended.

Leaving the Marines and Joining the Heart Pirates:
She didn't want to completely give up on her dream, so she tried reading up on Medical Engineering and tried teaching herself, but without experience she wasn't really advancing. She was really only progressing in combat training. That was beyond disappointing... practically devastating.

However to keep from getting depressed about it she read up on it a lot. Then she realized if she rose in rank she would probably have more freedom to do what she wanted, so over the years she worked her way up to the rank of Captain. She had a bit more freedom, but assignments got in the way of really working in the Engineering field. She did have access to more materials, so she was able to get a bit of experience. It still wasn't enough though. So by this time Lyn is really jaded and cynical and she's just had enough.

About a year of being Captain and suppressing her true feelings goes by, then she just goes (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

She and her crew were at Sabody Archipelago. She orders her crew to go ashore and enjoy a day off at the theme park. They were thrilled and immediately ran off to enjoy the day. Lyn was alone on the ship, so she covers the deck in tar and sets the whole ship on fire. She swam ashore but didn't really have a plan on what to do next.
Then she heard a commotion and explosions, so she curiously went to go check it out, and she walks in on Law and Kid fighting the Pasifista.
...and since that scene was a cliffhanger in the manga and anime idk what happened xD but I imagine it was kinda like how Jean Bart joined. "Hey wanna join?" "Sure"

(The coat was the first thing to get covered in tar. Burning her coat was actually very important to her.)

How She Obtained Her Haki:
It was during an especially difficult training session, kind of like an obstacle course from hell. It was set up so that there were units that had to work together. (Kind of like what actual US Marines do. I saw a show about RL Marine training and I was like "Omg... these poor men ._.)

Lyn and her unit were doing pretty ok. They weren't doing amazing, but it was definitely acceptable. They were a bit pressed for time though, so when Lyn got some pitch on her leg she obviously wasn't going to take the time to clean up. (Lyn is just Queen of Good Decisions as you can see -_-)

So they got to the point of the course where they had to navigate a simulated No-Man's land. Basically they had to get across a barren field without dying. Problem was, there were cannons being fired and gunshots. (The marines were using those weird exploding cannons like they were outside the Auction House.) Lyn at this point was being pushed to her limits, which was the point of the training. She was struggling but still doing ok. Another marine in her unit wasn't doing as well, so her ended up tripping and pushing into her. She's a light girl at this time, so she got pushed pretty far. At that point a cannon ball came at her. She tried her best to dodge it, and narrowly managed to avoid it. However the explosion caused a spark to hit her leg, which quickly caught fire. It was excruciatingly painful and she fell. Her unit rushed over to put out the fire. It was just training, so the cannon fire and gunshots immediately stopped, but Lyn was still in intense pain. At that moment something in her mind just snapped. She could suddenly sense people's presence and emotions. It was like the people around her existed in her mind as well as in reality. That just freaked her out; she thought she was going crazy. Overall it was a very painful and frightening experience for her.
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pichurisu Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
I really like your character lyn!
she's much more realistic than most of the insert pirate ocs out there...(lover this and that, op devil fruit etc)

I'm actually attempting to make a heart pirate oc myself, except Im kind of shy about posting it online;;
If I get the chance, I would love to rp with you /)^//u//^(\
TigerBites Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
Thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into her, so it's great to hear that it paid off~ :love:

Oh that's great! I'd totally love to see your OC. Also I think you should go right ahead and post it without feeling shy :D
Sure! I like to RP over notes, so send me a note anytime~
pichurisu Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
haha yea, you should be proud of your oc!
shes very unique :iconloveloveplz:

And thank you! I'm currently in the process of sketching her and I think im gonna put her on tumblr soon XD
She's a very young kid who is only 14, and didn't eat a devil fruit as well u v u
I'll be glad to send you a note for rp haha, if you don't mind me asking out of the blue Q 7 Q
TigerBites Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
Aw! Thanks :iconblushplz:

Great! I can't wait to see~
Oh they should get along like an older sister and younger sister then :XD:
Yes! Please do! I love RPing~
pichurisu Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Hehe I think she would make a very cold little sis///
here, I have a sneakpeak :'D
hopefully I can draw more soon * V * :iconluvluvplz:
TigerBites Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Oh my goodness! :iconblushplz: She is so adorable! And you drew Lyn! :tighthug: Thank you so much!

I can't wait to see more of her!
o0Nicas0o Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your Lyn, so far she looks a very interesting character. C:
TigerBites Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
Thanks very much! :love:
o0Nicas0o Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcomez, i hope to see more of Lyn :3
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