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December 9, 2013
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Illegibilus App: Keira by TigerBites Illegibilus App: Keira by TigerBites
Second verse, same as the first.
I'm hoping TrollerBridge, HisoHisoKate, TheMusicalSmurf, and firead will join me in this much more chill group~!


Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowGeneral InfoBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow

Name: Keira Flanagan
Gender: Female
Age: 16
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: July 18th
Height: 5'2" or 158cm
Weight: 120 lbs or 54kg
Nationality: Irish
Languages: English, Gaelic

Year: 6th
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowPhysical/Material FactsBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow

Hair: Medium brown.
Eyes: Hazel
Notable Features: Tends to have scratches on her hands from Chips' talons. 
Tattoos: None
Accessories: Satin ribbons in many different colors (She only wears one at a time though.)

Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowMagic RelatedBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow

Her pet is an intelligent Northern Saw-Whet Owl named Chips. He is very emotional and sensitive to others' emotions. If he's around people who are negative all the time he could become depressed and possibly even sick. Due to the fact that he is easily hurt or insulted, he tends to hold grudges.

Wand: Elm wood, Unicorn hair core, 11", Hard 

Lumos - used to illuminate the tip of the caster's wand.
Accio - Summons an object from a distance.
Colovaria - causes an object or animal to change its colour.
Stupify - renders a victim unconscious and halts moving objects.
Expelliarmus - Disarms an opponent.
Wingardium Leviosa - used to make objects levitate.
Blubell Flames - Conjures blue fire that can also be touched, penetrated and held without it burning the holder, though it is known to burn materials such as clothing and plants.
Reparo - used to seamlessly repair a broken object.
Best Classes: Charms, Transfiguration
Worst Classes: Potions, History of Magic
Electives: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination
Extra Curricular: Art

Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowPersonality/PreferencesBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow

Favorite Food: Sweets
Favorite Possession: Her quills, since writing is a hobby of hers.
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Wizard Chess
Intelligent: She’s clever, intelligent, and loves riddles and puzzles. She is bookish, but she's mainly emotionally intelligent. She can have insights into human nature and is good at reading groups and people. She can read situations well, which makes her good at negotiating and diffusing conflicts. She also really loves to be around people who make her think deeply. She has a habit of losing interest in shallow small talk.
Emotional: She’s a calm, laid back person, but she can be pushed to her limits very easily. She's quick to anger, and doesn't hold back from showing it. She feels emotions strongly and because of this, she tends to be compassionate and more conscious of how others feel. At the same time, she can also end up scaring off people who can't deal with emotions easily.
Daydreamer: She lacks focus because she’s a daydreamer with her head constantly in the clouds. She zones out so frequently that she can sometimes get distracted during class. Her friends sometimes tease her about this, but she takes teasing relatively well. She doesn't mind quiet moments or time alone because she can just let her mind wander.
Lazy: She's capable of getting work done, but she's a procrastinator by nature and often focuses more on pleasure than work. She gets things done last minute, and because of this she often loses sleep. She's aware it's a bad habit, and she wants to fix it... later.
Perfectionist: She hates feeling inadequate, and does what she can to live up to her high standards. She often falls short though, mostly due to procrastination, and ends up feeling disappointed in herself. She is her own worst critic and really beats herself up over small mistakes. She thinks her worth can be measured in her academic and writing success, so she can feel like a failure when her grades or writing is sub-par.
Honest: She cannot lie, it's almost impossible for her to do so. She has absolutely no poker face, so every emotion of hers is clearly written on her face. She gets really flustered if she's confronted and she doesn't want to tell the truth. Therefore it's really easy to see through her lies.
Open and Blunt: If she's feeling a certain way, she'll let you know. She wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn't believe in bottling things up. Even if the person she's telling will be hurt, she'll say what she feels anyway. She feels honesty is more important than sugar-coating things. This gets her into trouble often, and makes people think she's cold hearted and insensitive, when really she's just a bit tactless.
Quirky: She has many odd little thoughts. Like you know those ideas and musings you have at 3 am? Like "Do giraffes get songs stuck in their head?" She has those constantly. She's a bit embarrassed by this, so she tends to hide this from people she doesn't know well. She has odd ideas like that objects can have memories, and often muses about different object's "journeys through life". She's just odd.
Gullible: When it comes to people she trusts, she will believe any information they tell her, regardless of how logical or possible it is. Combined with how trusting she is, she is easily deceived. Being deceived really hurts her, and she really can't ever trust the deceitful person again. As a smart person, she hates feeling stupid, and would rather not trust someone again than risk feeling foolish a second time.
Independent: She likes to do things her own way and at her own pace, which sometimes leads her to accidentally leave behind people who wanted to be included. This also works against her at times. When she does need help, she doesn't really know how to ask for it, so she just tries to muddle through without help. Also because of this trait, she has very few friends, and what friends she does have can end up feeling neglected or avoided.
Opinionated: This rude trait of hers often rubs people the wrong way. Because she's so blunt and open about her feelings, she often puts her opinions out there. She can end up debating opinions with people and trying to prove herself "right", which can really tick people off. She's been trying to work on this.

Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowFamily/EtcBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow

Friends: Lottie, Evie
Family: Patricia Flanagan , Sean Flanagan
Keira is the only daughter of two half-blood wizards who own a used book shop in Dublin. Much like London, Dublin has many wizarding shopping areas that attract many magical tourists. One small one is called Sorcerer's Plaza and that's where Keira's family's shop is. Her entire life she has lived in the flat above the shop.

She started avidly reading from an early age (once she was old enough to read, obviously). There weren't many kids playing outside in the crowded marketplace, so Keira spent most of her time reading as many books as she could to pass the time. This made her rather introverted, but she was happy and content with it. She had a couple of friends to go on play dates with, but for the most part she was a homebody. She really loved the bookstore and the warm, cozy feel it had. One gimmick of the shop was that her parents would wrap the purchases in brightly colored satin ribbons, which Keira loved. Her mother would often decorate Keira's hair with ribbons. Keira still ties her hair with ribbons to remind her of home and to prevent her from feeling homesick.

Keira and her mother were always extremely close, like best friends in addition to being mother and daughter. Since Keira didn't have many kids her age to play with, she often played with her mom and hung out with her. Her father was a bit busier, and would rather spend his free time going out with his drinking buddies than spending time with the family. Not that Keira minded. She had just accepted that was the way things were, and was more than happy just being with her mom.

She was homeschooled by her mother until age 11, when she got her letter from Hogwarts. Her parents were overjoyed, since they both attended Hogwarts when they were younger. Like proud parents do, they bragged about it to their relatives (which embarrassed Keira a bit). Her aunt and uncle who lived in America were very happy for her, and as a gift they sent her a Northern Saw Whet Owl. When Keira got him, she was overjoyed and lavished the tiny owl with love, so they bonded quickly. 

Before going to Hogwarts, Keira went shopping with her parents, getting mainly second hand things since there's no advantage to having a brand new cauldron and such, but she did get a new wand and set of robes. She was nervous about leaving her family for the first time, but she was also extremely excited.

After boarding the train she was able to make a few acquaintances, but she lost track of them after the sorting ceremony. Keira was a little disappointed that she wasn't placed in Hufflepuff like her parents, but she quickly got over it when she saw the Ravenclaw dorm. Her first year she had friends to talk to, but nobody she was really close to. As the years passed, she bonded with a few people, and never really needed more than that. She mainly focused on school work, and managed to get good grades in all but a few classes.

Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowRelationshipsBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow
Lottie Maddox (who needs to apply to this group already omfg) - Her closest friend and confidant in Hogwarts. They get on each other's nerves and tease each other mercilessly, but at the end of the day they're there for each other 110%
"I love that girl! I don't care if I'm tiny, if you mess with her I'll fuck you up!"

Pierre Roiser - Pierre constantly confuses Keira and makes her a bit uncomfortable. She can't really read his emotions or intentions, so he's rather unpredictable.
"All I know for sure is that he's obnoxious and gets off on being a troll."

Amy Deasmhumhain - My god. These two had quite possibly the worst first impression of each other possible. It literally came to dueling, and then devolved into a vicious slapfight. 
"Tch. Whatever! That psycho better not come near me ever again!"

Artemis Eisler - Keira blew up a potion of his while just trying to help him. She feels a bit indebted to him now, and wants to make up for that idiotic blunder.
"Ehehe... I may have really screwed him over in Potions... No, not like that!"

Sai Valentine - They met in Honeydukes and exchanged some pleasantries over chocolate. No strong feelings one way or the other yet.
"She seems cute. I'm a little jealous of her looks though. It's hard not to feel boring next to her!"

Bullet; BlueBullet; YellowOtherBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow
- She loves animals, but gets nervous around anything larger than a dog.
- She loves her little owl and thinks he’s the cutest and sweetest thing ever.
- Her cousins who attend the Salem Witches Institute got her into Quodpot, which some of her classmates tease her about.
- She collects ribbons and tends to keep her hair tied up in a ponytail with them.
- She can’t cook to save her life, which is why she does poorly in Potions. She tends to overheat things and leave them on the burner for too long, or sometimes she's just heavy-handed with some of the ingredients, or sometimes she just skips a step accidentally.
- Has a weird obsession with dueling, and desperately wants Hogwarts to have a dueling club.

Voice: Saoirse Ronan
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