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June 9, 2012
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HA - Keira Flanagan by TigerBites HA - Keira Flanagan by TigerBites
:new: Updated! I guess I'm just gonna update all of my OCs haha...

This is my application for :iconhogwartsacademy:

:bulletblue::bulletyellow:General Info:bulletblue::bulletyellow:

Name: Keira Flanagan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 17
Birthday: July 18th
Nationality: Irish
Languages: English
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 6th
Blood Status: Half-Blood

:bulletblue::bulletyellow:Physical/Material Facts:bulletblue::bulletyellow:

Hair: Medium brown. Sometimes dyed purple at the ends.
Eyes: Hazel
Notable Features: Tends to have scratches on her hands from Chips' talons. Has somewhat dark circles under her eyes.
Tattoos: None
Accessories: None

:bulletblue::bulletyellow:Magic Related:bulletblue::bulletyellow:

Broom: Comet 310 (but she keeps it at home for the most part since she isn't a Quidditch player.)
Patronus: Seal
Wand: Elm wood, Unicorn hair core, 11", Hard

Best Classes: Charms, Transfiguration
Worst Classes: Potions, Divination
Favorite Spells: Lumos, Accio, and the Color Changing Charm
Her pet is an intelligent Northern Saw-Whet Owl named Chips. He is very emotional and sensitive to others' emotions. If he's around people who are negative all the time he could become depressed and possibly even sick. Due to the fact that he is easily hurt or insulted, he tends to hold grudges.……


Favorite Food: Sweets
Favorite Possession: Her quills, since writing is a hobby of hers.
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Wizard Chess
Intelligent: She’s clever, intelligent, and loves riddles and puzzles. She carries around a little book of logic puzzles and tries to do at least one a day to keep her mind sharp.
Optimistic: She’s a pretty positive thinker, and doesn’t really like gloomy attitudes. She doesn't see much point in dwelling on negative emotions and really dislikes it when people complain and stew in their own negative vibes.
Easygoing: She’s a calm, laid back person, but she can be pushed to her limits. It takes a lot to get her mad, and when she is angry, she’d rather storm off to seethe alone than make a scene in public.
Daydreamer: She lacks focus because she’s a daydreamer with her head constantly in the clouds. She zones out so frequently that she can sometimes get distracted during class. Her friends sometimes tease her about this, but she takes teasing relatively well.
Introverted: She has a few really close friends that she trusts completely. Since she doesn’t make an effort to meet new people, most of her friends are friends of friends. She tends to be friendly and sweet, but won’t go out of her way to move past the "acquaintance" stage. She’s not antisocial, but she would prefer to read alone than to suffer through small talk with a stranger.
Arrogant: She tends to look down on people who aren’t as intelligent as her and absolutely loathes people who speak in a grandiloquent manner just to seem intelligent.
Dignified: She’s not prideful or conceited, but she has dignity. She won’t let people take advantage of her or treat her poorly. When she sees submissive people who let themselves be treated poorly, it burns her up inside.
Sarcastic: She has a pretty sarcastic and (at times) dark sense of humor that most of her friends had to get used to.


Friends: :iconforeveraloneplz:
Family: Patricia Flanagan (Healer), Sean Flanagan (Works for the Ministry of Magic)
She had a relatively unremarkable early life. Her family is middle class, they live in Dublin and both her parents are half-bloods. Her father works for the ministry of magic and her mother is a healer. Her mother encourages the use of muggle technology and learning muggle customs since they live in a populated city full of muggles. She is an only child and was homeschooled until age 11. Her father had always pressured her to go into Magical Law Enforcement one day, but she never had much interest in the field. Her parents have always pushed her to do well and get good grades, but this has ironically left her with no self-motivation. Without her parents constantly watching her, she slacked off a bit her first few years at Hogwarts. Since then she’s been working on becoming more diligent, but progress has been slow. She tried to learn the piano when she was young, but she has no musical talent whatsoever. She used to have very low self-esteem, but over the years she’s lost weight and become more confident.

Years 1-5: She has done relatively well in most of her classes aside from Potions so far. She actually puts a lot of effort into that class, but she just lacks talent. She can’t cook to save her life, which is why she does poorly in Potions. She tends to overheat things and leave them on the burner for too long, or sometimes she's just heavy-handed with some of the ingredients, or sometimes she just skips a step accidentally. She enjoys and does especially well in Transfiguration and Charms. She also enjoys Care of Magical Creatures, but often times she feels uneasy being around the large creatures.

- She loves animals, but gets nervous around anything larger than a dog.
- She loves her little owl and thinks he’s the cutest and sweetest thing ever.
- Her cousins who attend the Salem Witches Institute got her into Quodpot, which some of her classmates tease her about.
- She follows rules not because it’s the right thing to do, but out of a fear of punishment.
- She can understand Irish Gaelic, though she isn’t fluent and has difficulty speaking it.
- She collects ribbons and tends to keep her hair tied up in a ponytail with them.
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Asexuality for the win!
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Thanks so much! :love:
Yep! Ravenclaw is the best house imo~
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Wow what a cool kid. exact opposite of my oc ahah She looks absolutely lovely and sounds like a very cool, well rounded individual! Hope she and Cy can get along!
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Thanks so much :D I hope so too! I'd love to RP
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